eCandescent 130,000+ hour incandescent light bulb

The World’s First Energy-Efficient 130,000+ Hour Incandescent Bulb!

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The eCandescent™ bulb is the highest quality light you'll ever experience.

It’s a next generation, energy efficient, long lasting, fully dimmable incandescent bulb that produces the highest quality light available. The eCandescent™, dramatically reduces your energy costs, can last over 100 years and has absolutely no dangers or hazards to your family and our environment, and gives you unparalleled‎ lighting control.

The eCandescent™ bulb easily installs in just a few seconds…


1. Simply remove the backing


2. Install the PowerDisc™

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3. Screw in the bulb

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12 Reasons the eCandescent™ is the superior bulb...

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Here are some answers to our most asked questions:

Are eCandescent™ Bulbs Enviromentally Friendly?
The eCandescent™ is a revolution in home and commercial lighting which will save you money and reduce your consumption of electric. More importantly, because the eCandescent™ lasts for over 100,000 hours you will also be reducing the amount of waste that goes into our landfills. Because the eCandescent™ does not contain any toxins or mercury, you are also protecting our water supply and natural resources.
What can I do with the eCandescent™ in my home and office?
The eCandescent™ can be used everywhere you currently have a bulb. It is compatible with any lighting system and is fully dimmable and controllable. No room in your home or office should be without the eCandescent™.
What types of eCandescent™ bulbs are there?
The eCandescent™ comes in two different sizes, clear of frosted and can be purchased in multiple pack sizes so you can replace all of the bulbs in your home and office. Each eCandescent™ is ready to install after you attach the PowerDisc™. Simply choose the size, style and quantity of bulbs you need and be prepared to always love the light that surrounds you.
What types of eCandescent™ bulbs are available?
  • 28w A19 Medium Base, Clear 1230 Lumens, Frosted 1200 Lumens (replaces 100w)
  • 42w A21 Medium Base, Clear 1980 Lumens, Frosted 1960 Lumens (replaces 150w, Reading Light)

Some people are already asking for other styles of lights such as BR or Par lamps. Don’t worry, those are in final phases of development and will be available shortly.

Can you explain more about the eCandescent™ Technology?
The eCandescent™ bulb is a combination of the latest incandescent technology that produces the best light you’ve ever experienced while being energy efficient and the longest lasting light bulb on the planet. The PowerDisc™ evens out and controls the power that goes to the high-tech bulb. By doing this, the bulb runs at a much cooler temperature. Each significant drop in filament temperature exponentially extends the life of the bulb. The eCandescent™ bulb is the most advanced generation of incandescent bulbs on the market. The eCandescent™ uses an industry leading IR coating that recycles wasted heat energy back to the filament, converting it to light. This means that our bulbs use less power, run cooler and creates more light. The 100 watt equivalent combination of the eCandescent™ bulb uses only 27 watts.
How does the eCandescent™ work?
The technology behind the eCandescent™ converts AC to DC power. By converting to DC power, this significantly reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs as well as extends bulb life up to one hundred times. The current design of the power saving device consists of a nylon reinforced thermoset plastic disc, a solid-state rectifying diode and a foam washer with an adhesive surface. The device is attached to the base of a light bulb by means of the 3M adhesive coated foam so that the center contact of the bulb is in contact with one end of the diode. When screwed into a light socket, the other end of the diode contacts the center contact of the light socket.

Once contact is established and power applied only the positive waves of current may pass through the lamp filament while the negative-going waves of current are blocked. In other words, 120 volts of alternating current (AC) are rectified or converted to approximately 85 volts of pulsating direct current (DC). The light bulb filaments, that actually create the light we see, will burn at a much cooler temperature on pulsating DC as opposed to AC power. The degree to which the filament is heated is directly related to the life of the bulb. Thus, a 100-watt bulb with a standard life of 1000 hours (41 days running continuously) will now burn for up to 100,000 hours, or 24 hours a day for 11-1/2 years running continuously, over 20+ years with normal use.

How do you know how long the eCandescent™ will last?
The General Electric Incandescent Bulb Life Extension Calculation

bulb-life-calculationTo determine the life extension of our 27 watt A-19 bulb, let’s assume the life expectancy without the power saving device is 1000 hours. Let’s assume the power saving device reduces the standard line voltage from 120V to 85V.

By using the formula from the General Electric Incandescent Lamps Booklet (ref. GE #TP-1100R2 5/84) we calculate the life of the bulb with the reduced voltage.

That is 10 years of 24/7 continuous operation. I’d like to see any CFL or LED do that!!!


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