If you haven’t heard about crowdfunding or Kickstarter before, no big deal, it’s easy.

It’s a new way for a small business to raise the funds for their startup by showcasing their products to the public before its official launched. We are raising funds on Kickstarter, with a goal of $50,000. Here’s how Kickstarter works:


1)   Check out the eCandescent campaign page and video on Kickstarter

2)   Select a Pledge level that interests you to help support the campaign

3)   Use a credit card to contribute whatever amount you’ve selected

4)   Help us share our campaign with others through your Facebook and Twitter, to work as a team to reach our goal

5)   Sit back… accept our never ending gratitude… and wait for your eCandescent Reward to arrive.


Detailed Pledging Instructions

Note: The example below is for a $5.00 pledge but feel free to do whatever amount makes the most sense for you 😀

(1)  Go to and Search for “eCandescent” or click here.
Go to and Search for eCandescent

(2)  Watch the video and review the Rewards, then click the “Back This Project” button in the upper right.

Review the video and the Rewards, then click the "Back This Project" button in the upper right.

(3)  Next you have a couple of choices to make.  You can either:

  1. choose a dollar amount to contribute without receiving a Reward, or
  2. choose the Reward package you want to receive and how much you want to contribute for it.

Note:  The minimum amount for each Reward package is shown but you can choose to offer more.  We won’t mind 😉

Choose a Reward

(4)  Review the Reward you’ve chosen, then click the “Continue to next step” button:

(5)  At this point you will login to, or sign up for, a Kickstarter account:


(6)  To checkout: Kickstarter uses Amazon payments.  If you do not already have an Amazon account they will walk you through creating one.  Click the “Continue to Amazon” button:


(7)  Login to Amazon as a returning, or new, customer:


(8)  You’ll then choose, or enter, a payment method:


(9)  Review your pledge and payment information and when you are ready click the “Confirm” button:


(10)  That’s it!  Congratulations.  You’ve just help get the eCandescent bulb made!


Note:  You can only pledge once per campaign.  But, if you decide you would like to increase the amount you are pledging, you can do that from you Kickstarter account.


Checkout eCandescent on Kickstarter